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Debian and its clones "ZFS will be supported in Debian Squeeze using the official installer. This means that Debian Squeeze will be one of the first GNU distributions to support ZFS. In fact, even though ZFS support didn't make it to Debian-Installer beta1 by the time it was released, it is now available in the netboot images (this happens because netboot images fetch newer installer components from the internet)."
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Talk about misleading...
by UltraZelda64 on Wed 1st Dec 2010 08:37 UTC
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For a second there I thought Debian somehow managed to get ZFS support in their traditional distro at the last minute--which would have been shocking (not to mention pretty cool). But it turns out that it's for the kFreeBSD variant, which is not surprising at all--the FreeBSD kernel does support ZFS after all. Can't wait to try their FreeBSD-based variant, though. I have yet to have luck running it in VirtualBox, don't know if the latest round of images and VirtualBox change that.

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