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Multimedia, AV The sweet smell of competition is lingering in the air. That sweet smell which indicates that somewhere in the vicinity a company is working on actually improving a product so we can all benefit. This time around, it's Adobe, delivering the first Flash 10.2 beta. Prime feature? Complete hardware acceleration of the entire video pipeline - fully cross platform, cross-form factor. Cross-platform! There's a catch, though.
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64 Bit
by intangible on Fri 3rd Dec 2010 00:01 UTC
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Pretty cool stuff, but I'm not going to go with a wrapped plugin solution again (Pure 64Bit Linux here) to try out the 32bit Beta...

The 64Bit version of Flash 10.1 exists and seems to work at least as well as the 32Bit version, when are they going to stop maintaining them separately?

EDIT: Actually, the 64Bit version is at 10.2, but doesn't have the hardware accel yet... HoHum.

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RE: 64 Bit
by panzi on Fri 3rd Dec 2010 11:53 in reply to "64 Bit"
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Yes, same for me. Also I would rather have a bugfixed 64bit version than this acceleration stuff. It runs fast enough for me, but the wrong use of memcpy produces sound errors on quite a few webpages. It would be a matter of s/\<memcpy\>/memmove/g to fix that and it would be much appreciated! Hm, is there a way to patch the .so in order to bend the references to memcpy to memmove?

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RE[2]: 64 Bit
by intangible on Fri 3rd Dec 2010 22:52 in reply to "RE: 64 Bit"
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There's some tutorials out there on how to create a .so that'll work with LD_PRELOAD... you could replace the memcopy function with memmove... you'd probably need to use nspluginwrapper to run the plugin instead of the plugin directly running in your browser afterwards (so you don't have to LD_PRELOAD your replacement function for the whole browser)

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RE: 64 Bit
by aliquis on Mon 6th Dec 2010 05:16 in reply to "64 Bit"
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Works just as fine as 10.1 (or worse) for me on OS X 10.4.6.

That mean instantly crashes for 10.2 (only tried once) and crashes all the time on non-youtube videos (read porn) and eventually on your everyday banner in 10.1.

Versions before that worked (except for general flash crashes) but then they didn't had any GPU acceleration.

I've turned acceleration off though in the settings menu.

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