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Morphos MorphOS 2.7 has been released, and it's mostly a bug-fix release. The one thing that stood out to me is that some work has gone into fixing bugs for several PowerPC G4 chips - more specifically, models used in PowerBook G4s. MorphOS has been demonstrated on the PowerBook G4, but official support for it has not been released yet.
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Legacy compatability
by madcrow on Mon 6th Dec 2010 17:07 UTC
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There are two levels of legacy compatability. Most important is support for 68K apps: this is done with a JIT emulation layer and probably could get ported to another platform like ARM or x86, given enough development resources. The second is compatability with programs written for various PPC acceleration boards that were available for classic Amigas. This would probably be harder to keep in a port to a non PPC platform, but is also probably a lot less useful.

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