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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless It's hard to predict the future because we humans prefer to think in terms of familiar paradigms. Even the most brilliant of our species are subject to this flaw. Now, Microsoft faces its turn. The owner of the operating system that likely runs your personal computer, the company that achieved monopoly with Windows and ducked the Department of Justice's scythe to keep it, faces a midlife crisis as the world goes gaga over portable consumer devices. This is the story of what's happening to Microsoft in the handheld operating system markets -- and how it parallels the earlier, similar journeys of IBM Corporation and Digital Equipment Corporation. Can Microsoft achieve dominance on mobile devices?
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Lets simply except the fact. At this point of history. Linux is in most ready state it ever been to take the desktop market.

A few have claimed Linux desktop is dead but they have not started looking at the applications Linux now has. Results is not something dead. But something so insanely alive its not funny.

This prep work is not reducing. So the current state of readiness is only the tip of a very large and growing iceberg in MS path.

OpenOffice and libreoffice are not only used as Office Suite but as conversion engines and document production engines. When was the last time you saw a Desktop running AIX? Yes there is a actively maintained port of libreoffice and openoffice to AIX for server usage.

I hear windows people say MS windows gets the cream. Sorry I still have many KDE applications like basket that have not managed to be ported in a practical usable way to windows. 400+ meg install is on windows is kinda insane for what basket is.

Lot of the road blocks people try to raise now are Historic truths and are completely untrue now.

Lightworks is a case path changing in a big way. A Linux hardware builder aquired Lightworks out right because they wanted a good video editor for there Linux Product line. Google did the same thing with Webm. Just like MS has sucked up other companies to get features the Linux hardware makers and supporting companies are now getting rich enough start doing the same thing. Tide is now changing direction. Question is how fast can the tide move in Linux direction. This does effect if MS will remain alive.

Wifi card support for Linux is currently at almost 100 percent and will be at 100 percent support before the end of next year. This is better than Windows 7 in fact some early versions of Wifi cards have not had there drivers updated for Windows 7. This is also happening in more classes of hardware where Linux has current and old all working perfectly.

ARM requirement for Unique per device kernel is being worked on being solved. This will make Linux able to operate like Windows does kinda on White box hardware with arm devices. Note kinda bundled with all drivers required no driver installing required.

These things are not dreams. Arm x86 hybred laptops can be bought today.

The changes going on in the Linux world are having direct effects on the market.

Question how much would it cost to buy adobe out right? Since they appear to have so many key products it worth while considering.

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Your optimism while wildly unfounded, is appreciated.

Merry christmas, linux!


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