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BeOS & Derivatives To understand what the BeOS and Haiku operating systems are, we first must remember that BeOS was developed with the multimedia user in mind. BeOS wanted to be what OS X has become today: an easy to use, attractive operating system. However, BeOS was a niche OS, destined for the media-hungry user. The percentage of audio and video applications available for Haiku is greater than the one in Linux, OS X or Windows, and the inner workings of the operating system were created in such a way, that the same multimedia passionate would find it easy to work with the user interface and files. Each application can interfere with other applications of its kind. A WAVE file selection can be dragged from a sound editor and onto the desktop, to create an audio file. Audio applications can interfere with each other via the Haiku Media Kit -- the corespondent of a Linux sound server. Applications like Cortex are a perfect example of how BeOS and Haiku deal with multimedia files: you can have more than one soundcard and use each one of those soundcards independently or separately. You can link one soundcard to the Audio Mixer, start a drum machine application and link that software to the Audio Mixer. If you want to output whatever you create with the audio application, all you have to do is drag the microphone and link it to the application's icon in Cortex.
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RE[2]: The horse is dead
by zlynx on Wed 5th Jan 2011 16:14 UTC in reply to "RE: The horse is dead"
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"X) No multi-user

When was the last time you actually USED this on your desktop box?

The recent Christmas holiday when my brother was home. He didn't have a desktop machine so he used mine. I didn't want him to have access to all my stuff so he has his own account.

Any of my friends that visit have their own accounts.

I don't mind letting friends and family use my computer but I don't want them to use my SSH access, update my Facebook profile or send out email under my name.

Yes, I think some of my friends might do that as a joke. I'd think it was pretty funny to do it to them.

Therefore, I am very careful with my destop and laptop where I have email and web passwords stored and SSH agents running.

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