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GNU, GPL, Open Source Some people swore to me that just because the free-software General Public License (GPL) clashes with the Apple App Store's Terms of Service (ToS), didn't mean that Apple would actually pull down GPLed apps. Well, Apple just did. Remi Denis-Courmont, a Linux developer of the popular VLC media player, has just announced that Apple had pulled the popular GPLed VLC media player from its App Store.
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Personally, I don't face confusion: I avoid GPL because I understand that using a GPL-licensed work would force me to make my code GPL instead of commercial or BSD. That's enough to make me avoid it. The idea of not having the right to decide the license by myself is the line to me.
Maybe that I'm wrong and I haven't understood it correctly (most probably so as @lemur2 gave an example of commercial product built "on top of" GPL work) but when I get to start my own company, I'll research it thoroughly.

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Just remember that you can safely link to LGPL libraries, and safely use GPL-licensed tools (e.g. gcc) - no need to limit yourself unnecessarily.

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