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Linux "Now that the kernel mode-setting page-flipping for the ATI Radeon DRM kernel module has been merged into the Linux 2.6.38 kernel and the respective bits have been set in the xf86-video-ati DDX, we're in the process of running new open-source ATI graphics benchmarks under Linux. Our initial results (included in this article) show these latest improvements to cause some major performance boosts for the open-source ATI driver as it nears the level of performance of the proprietary Catalyst driver."
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RE[2]: great
by Gusar on Fri 14th Jan 2011 10:21 UTC in reply to "RE: great"
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You may be interested to learn that the "latest nvidia driver" (presumably you are talking about the closed-source proprietary driver for Linux which is actually written by nvidia) won't ever run KMS or kernel memory management (because the kernel guys won't accept driver code which is only a part of a driver), and hence will never be able to run Wayland or rootless X.

Wrong, pretty much every point. Nvidia does modesetting in the kernel and has done so forever. Same for memory management. They don't use KMS and TTM/GEM, but these are merely implementations, and Nvidia doesn't use them because they have their own.
Second, the Nvidia driver doesn't need root, and this is also nothing new. All it needs is access to the /dev/nvidia* nodes, which is usually done by putting users in the video group, where they need to be for open source drivers too (to access the /dev/dri/* nodes). It's other stuff in X itself that right now still requires running it as root. Once the X people take care of that, the Nvidia driver will continue to work without modifications.
And third, there's only a very tiny adjustment in Wayland necessary to make the Nvidia driver work with it. I'm too lazy to search for links where developers explain this, but if you really want, I will. It's somewhere on the Phoronix forums.

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