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Games "StarCraft, one of the most popular games ever made, also serves as the perfect proving ground for artificial intelligence. Here's the inside story of how a Berkeley team won the world's first StarCraft AI competition with code that can beat even pro-level human players."
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by Savior on Wed 19th Jan 2011 17:20 UTC
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Not surprising.

Starcraft is the game where you have to pay attention to at least ten things at once, and micro manage your units well in combat. This is exactly what computers can be way better at than humans. How can you play against an opponent with several thousands of APM? Have a look at the mutalisks vs. high templars battle on the linked page; it's scary.

This is not to say that their achievement is not impressive. It is. However, they have achieved something (beating a strong amateur) in 1.5 years. A similar feat took way longer for chess, not to mention Go, where it has only been done very recently.

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