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Multimedia, AV Francis Ford Coppola is one of the most prestigious and critically acclaimed directors in cinematographic history. He directed, among others, the Godfather trilogy and Apocalypse Now, and has won so many awards it's hard to keep track. In an interview with 99%, he touched on the subject of art and making money, and his musings are fascinating, and yet another indication that the times are changing in the content industry. "Who says artists have to make money?" Coppola wonders.
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Replace "free" by advertising-supported, or government-funded, and you might be actually making a factual statement. TANSTAAFL

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Which is why "free entertainment" was in quotes. People perceive it as "free" if they don't have to pay for it directly. This is nothing new.

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Sure, but vinyl existed right alongside radio/early TV, and nobody complained about paying for records.

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