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Windows A few weeks ago an "unofficial" preview release of windows XP SP3 hit the web. Now, Microsoft has responded and warned users of this preview package. "You would be well advised to stay clear of this FAKE SP3 package. It is NOT suitable for testing as it is NOT SP3."
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Colonel Panic
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Yet the relic can run the mathematics and engineering programs I need...

Some people have better things to do than checking emails, writing documents, watching videos and chatting. And for these people, the OS doesn't matter: it's the applications. Be elitist as you want, but that is the reality
Only in your distored reality bub

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GregV Member since:

As a student the OS really doesn't matter, its support for applications, drivers, etc.

I do some simple stuff (write reports/etc) where both Windows and Linux would work... BUT windows has support for my Printers whereas Linux doesn't.

Now, for more complex stuff. I tend to do some Architectural Stuff, and the AutoDesk Suite, not only works, but is easy. Now, if that would run on Linux, I might consider switching, but it doesn't, and there are no free (as in beer or otherwise) equivs. that support linux.

As per hobbies, writing software. I can do everything I want with windows, PHP, MYSQL, C, Pascal, so. Its not his distorted reality, its well, the "real" reality...

And, maybe we should stay on topic next time...

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