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Apple Well, it might be safe to say that Apple's own engineers stopped testing their Apple apps with 3.x iOS devices, and have created bugs that make these apps unusable. This is to be somewhat expected, Apple has a track record of not-so-great backwards compatibility (on the Mac), but what we also expected was to not get these broken updates forced to us. It's one thing to stop updating the firmware of older iOS models, and another thing breaking them.
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See that right there is the crux of the problem. Anyone who doesn't share the view that Apple is the devil incarnate, or that Google isn't the messiah of the tech industry, by default MUST be an Apple fanboy.

Unfortunately so; or anyone who praises Microsoft for a good decision must either praise Microsoft for all decisions ever taken or must automatically hate some other organisation because of said praise for Microsoft. It is amazing the number of people who hate on Microsoft from the Mac community and hold them to an unrealistically high standard yet willing to over look short falls of Microsofts competitors products. Case in point, iWork vs. Microsoft Office 2011 being the best example - haters going to hate because its from Microsoft - yes there are bugs but to ignore the massive missing features from iWork pretty much destroys ones argument against Microsoft.

Oh, and btw, where the hell did it say anything about bricking the device? An App breaking is hardly bricking the device. FFS grow up...

This forum runs on drama; lives, breaths and eats drama - where would it be without it?

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