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Apple Well, it might be safe to say that Apple's own engineers stopped testing their Apple apps with 3.x iOS devices, and have created bugs that make these apps unusable. This is to be somewhat expected, Apple has a track record of not-so-great backwards compatibility (on the Mac), but what we also expected was to not get these broken updates forced to us. It's one thing to stop updating the firmware of older iOS models, and another thing breaking them.
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is sensationalistic BS. The next brick? Really? That's amusing, because it's not in any way bricked. It is fully useful. I've got 11 apps currently sitting in my update cue, and they ALL support v.3.0.x.

If, in the case where it doesn't work, remove the app, and put the old version back. You do make backups, right?

If it does indeed "brick" the device (this doesn't really happen anyway) then reset it, reload it from backup (which happens every time you sync the device), and be happy with a functioning device.

There's no bricking here. Stop being sensationalistic, lest it appears you're trying to get click revenue.

1st gen iPod touches are still very much vital devices, and more useful than they were when they first come out. While the update model needs to be fixed, that's not a glaring, massive issue in need of an article.

"Well, it might be safe to say that Apple's own engineers stopped testing their Apple apps with 3.x iOS devices"

Really? And what other apps did you test from Apple that were cleared to work on 3.1.3, but did not work? What other apps from other vendors that were cleared to work on 3.1.3 don't work?

I need to call my dad. He's got a gen 1 too, and apparently he's not actually using all those apps he's using. Must be his imagination. He actually owns a brick.

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