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Windows Well, well, well. We all know Apple's App Store policies are incompatible with the GPL, and as such, software using this license can't be distributed in the App Store. So, what about Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 Marketplace? Well, whereas the App Store doesn't specifically mention the GPL (Apple's terms are simply incompatible), Microsoft drops the pretence and simply bans GPL and GPL-esque licenses outright.
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RE[10]: Come down!
by hamster on Sat 19th Feb 2011 20:44 UTC in reply to "RE[9]: Come down!"
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What works today at a reasonable price may be stalled tomorrow, or require abusive prices by the seller. This is not simple, we have to think about it.

One of the keys between free and privative software is thinking in long-term. I suppose you also have found bugs in programs, and have had the wish of solving it (or contract someone to do it for you). Yes, the software works but can be repaired.

Maybe you have wanted to improve a software that works, but can be improved, and the company that made that software... has closed its doors and left, or forces you to buy a new version, or forces you to buy new hardware for the next version of the program, or is charging abusive prices for a new version, etc.

So thinking in long-term, that is where the license matters most, because a license like GPL avoids a vendor lock-in and at the same time makes things possible for you.

Are you gonna repeat that again? I allready commented on this. You don't need the gpl to avoid vendor lockin. It does help one to awoid it yes. But it's not the only licens that does that.

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RE[11]: Come down!
by TheGZeus on Sat 19th Feb 2011 21:26 in reply to "RE[10]: Come down!"
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Spell check, please. You're consistently making the same errors, and it's rather distracting.
LicensE, for example.

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RE[11]: Come down!
by Nth_Man on Sun 20th Feb 2011 01:38 in reply to "RE[10]: Come down!"
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Are you gonna repeat that again?

You said "If a closed source program solution does a better job at handling the task i would take that any day of the week" and I commented about that.

If that only was told once, I would have wrote about it only once.

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