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OSNews, Generic OSes The 0.7 version of the Visopsys desktop operating system has been released. "More than four years in the making, this is a major new release offering an updated look and a number of new features, including JPEG image support, image resizing, 64-bit disk support, UDF (DVD) filesystem support, and GPT partition table support, as well as lots of new icons, wallpaper images, and file browsing functionality. New administrative applications and functionality have been added, and the ATA/IDE driver has been enhanced, including the ability to better support backwards-compatible SATA controllers. FPU context saving has been improved, and a number of tweaks and bug fixes are also included."
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RE: Bad article
by UltraZelda64 on Mon 21st Feb 2011 01:02 UTC in reply to "Bad article"
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You fail to mention what the heck is Visopsys. People shouldn't have to read the news behind the news to just understand what the buzz is about. And in this case even that isn't enough, because you only link to a change log.

I wouldn't mod you down because there is some truth in that not everyone on the face of the planet will know what Visopsys is and maybe a (very) brief reminder could help those people. However, on the other hand, this is OSNews, you know, news about operating systems, and Visopsys is certainly not a newcomer in the hobby OS area. I'm sure the vast majority of people coming here know what it is, and if they don't, will take action to find out. And to make matters worse, I could take any search engine or go to Wikipedia and by simply typing "visopsys," immediately get all the information about this OS. So really, I see no reason to complain.

You have the resources in front of you without even having to get off your ass or even wasting more than a minute trying to get it, use them. I would say not doing so is pure laziness, but then, you felt the need to post a comment and complain about it, so it sounds like you just want to complain.

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