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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Ubuntu Linux has millions of fans. What's not to like? A free operating system with ten thousand free applications, websites covering everything you might ever want to know, tutorials, active forums, and more. Yet for all these benefits, situations pop up when you want a faster, lighter operating system. Perhaps you have an older computer, or maybe a netbook or a mobile device. Wouldn't it be great to have a lightweight Ubuntu? That day has finally arrived. Lubuntu offers a way to stay in the Ubuntu family -- with a product that performs better and uses fewer resources.
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Why don't you make it part of a student computer class and have the students do it?

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We've floated that suggestion a couple of times, but it's always been shot down by either the teacher, the school, or the school board. ;)

These are in elementary schools, where you'd think it would get students interested in technology by seeing the inner workings of an OS install ... but it's been poo-poohed by the higher ups.

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Gotta love the education system. We're dealing with overt cheating here in Atlanta, with the school board actively threatening teachers who attempt to report it. Makes me embarrassed to admit I live here, and I'm just in the metro area, not even the city limits.

As for the netbook issue, well if your team didn't want them in the first place why did the school buy them? Do they not listen to their IT staff? Call me ornery, but I would approach the board like this: Let the kids help us install upgrades in a win-win scenario (educational and free), or buy us exactly what we recommend as suitable replacements and drain the budget in doing so.

You wouldn't even need to go with Ubuntu based distros since you said it has video problems; you can create a fully customizable Tiny Core Linux image, or go with one of the Puppy Linux variants.

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