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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless A major deal just went down in the United States, which seriously shakes up the mobile industry on the other side of the pond: AT&T has announced it plans to buy T-Mobile USA from Deutsche Telekom.
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Great News
by wocowboy on Mon 21st Mar 2011 11:27 UTC
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I think this is great news. I am an AT&T customer with an iPhone, which does not work in the small town where I live. They have terrible coverage here and have refused to build the necessary tower here to cover my small town. T-Mobile, on the other hand, has great coverage here with towers all over the county, but AT&T cannot roam on their system. So on a purely coverage basis, this will be great for me and the people here. Neither AT&T or T-Mobile has 3G or 4G coverage anywhere in my part of the state, so I will not be holding my breath on that part of the deal. The closest 3G is 35 miles away and the closest 4G is T-Mobile and 100 miles away.

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