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Microsoft Oh irony, thy silver thorn strikes like the moonlight through my delicate skin. While this complaint could actually hold merit, the fact it's coming from Microsoft lessens its validity somewhat. Redmond has just filed an antitrust complaint about Google in Europe.
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RE[2]: double spaces
by jack_perry on Thu 31st Mar 2011 13:49 UTC in reply to "RE: double spaces"
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Lyx used not to ignore a second keypress; it would complain at the bottom of the window, and tell the user to read the manual. In fact, I was so used to that annoying message that I pulled up Lyx just now to test it, and you're right; now (v1.6.5) it seems to ignore me.

Of course, Lyx is merely mimicking TeX, the program it uses for... typesetting! The typesetting is extremely high quality; it was developed by Donald Knuth of Stanford University some decades ago, but is used routinely by publishers. And it's all open source, from TeX to Lyx. It was the original open source success story, long before Mozilla.

That said, you can create double spaces after a period in Lyx, LaTeX, etc., but the default is the correct way, typographically speaking.

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RE[3]: double spaces
by ssokolow on Thu 31st Mar 2011 14:13 in reply to "RE[2]: double spaces"
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*nod* My point is that both TeX and browsers do the right thing but, while things like contentEditable just silently insert  , LyX requires you to consciously decide to do things in a way that implies it might not be how you're supposed to use it.

The browser UI second-guesses the rendering engine on that point while LyX doesn't second-guess TeX.

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