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Windows Yes, the Windows 8 rumour mill is really spinning up now. This time around though, they're not really rumours, since the information is coming from Rafael Rivera and Paul Thurrott, long-time Microsoft enthusiasts with loads of insider access. They've got a bunch of screenshots showing a work in progress of... A ribbon in Explorer. And yes, it looks just as bad as it sounds.
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RE[3]: Explorer UI
by phoenix on Mon 4th Apr 2011 16:35 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Explorer UI"
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My problem with the ribbon UI is that it combines icons of different sizes, text of different sizes, and arranges things in what appears to be a haphazard manner with very little "align-to-grid" anywhere. It really does look like someone filled a shotgun round with screen widgets and fired it at the top of the screen.

The beauty of a menu bar is that all the text is the same size, all the menus are spaced evenly, and the menus react the same.

The beauty of a toolbar is that the icons are all the same shape/size, and they all react the same. Granted, some toolbars add drop-down textboxes and similar, but things are the same size and aligned nicely to a grid.

The concept of a ribbon is good. But the MS implementations of the ribbon just aren't.

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RE[4]: Explorer UI
by modmans2ndcoming on Wed 6th Apr 2011 01:12 in reply to "RE[3]: Explorer UI"
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Your "problem" is the beauty.. it makes the most common items the largest, with the lest commonly needed ones being smaller, all grouped by function.

Menes are deep and require moving the mouse all over the place to use a function.

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