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Windows "Windows 8 build 7850.0.winmain_win8m1.100922-1508 contains a number of references to a brand new feature in Windows: Portable Workspaces. Microsoft will allow Enterprise customers to create USB storage driven copies of Windows. 'Portable Workspace is a Windows feature that allows you to run Windows from a USB storage device', notes Microsoft in its description of the feature inside Windows 8." So, yeah, something we've been waiting for in Windows since, well, forever. Also, push notifications, a screenshot tool and a new webcam application have been discovered as well.
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RE: What?
by Soulbender on Sat 16th Apr 2011 19:24 UTC in reply to "What?"
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I guess it's a bit underwhelming to see such run-of-the-mill features implemented and lauded as exciting, especially when they'll require 16GB of space and would only be available to "enterprise" customers.

Im not sure why the winruomors site think that booting from USB would somehow improve documentation compatiblility though. That seems like a bit of a stretch.

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RE[2]: What?
by Tuishimi on Sat 16th Apr 2011 19:33 in reply to "RE: What?"
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There is that.

But I just meant that maybe the news itself is underwhelming, but when the lack of features people often complain about are (slowly but surely) being rectified, why complain about that?

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RE[3]: What?
by Soulbender on Sun 17th Apr 2011 09:12 in reply to "RE[2]: What?"
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I guess people aren't really complaining about the features as much as about the (mild) hyperbole.

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