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Legal Well. Raise your hands if you didn't see this one coming. Nobody is safe from Apple's and Microsoft's legal crusade against Android, not even Samsung, which supplies a lot of chips to Apple. Apple has sued Samsung for copying Cupertino's look and feel in various Samsung devices. This is about as surprising as the tides rolling in. Update: And Samsung's going to strike back. Hit 'm hard, Samsung. I don't like you anymore than any of these other patent trolls, but maybe we'll finally see it all crash and burn.
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RE: Comment by Thom_Holwerda
by jackeebleu on Tue 19th Apr 2011 00:47 UTC in reply to "Comment by Thom_Holwerda"
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So Apple should spend it's R&D $$$ and ignore companies that take its designs and mimic them to the centimeter?

Look familiar?


Look familiar?


So no, it's not just the UI, it's the devices themselves that Samsung has chosen to flatter.

Thom, can I start a website that named that uses a similar layout to yours except my CSS columns are listed on the left, while yours is on the right. The layout is damn near identical, except instead of Gray, White, Orange and Green, my design is White, Gray, Green, and Orange. The basis of my site is gonna be the discussion of Operating Systems, but when that news gets slow, I'll dabble in the occasional fare of Engadget and Gizmodo. If I do that, you wont accuse me of copying will you?

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Thom_Holwerda Member since:

No, I won't. Good luck!

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Thom, can I start a website that named

If I do that, you wont accuse me of copying will you?

I'm guessing they'll nail you for trademark infringement... which is quite different than patent infringement.

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RE[2]: Comment by Thom_Holwerda
by looncraz on Tue 19th Apr 2011 14:35 in reply to "RE: Comment by Thom_Holwerda"
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Samsung has been using those cables longer than Apple's been 'cool.'

I know, I have a large number of those darned things laying around ( though each and every model has its own new shape and is incompatible with the rest... :-( ).

Do us a favor, YOU find a way to build a phone which is basically nothing more than a touch-screen while no looking like EVERY OTHER such device on the market.

Just try it!!

Can't do it, eh?

Sure is hard when the primary design element is a large darn screen, eh?

--The loon

P.S. The iPad is a blatant copy of Be's BeIA Webpad. I know, I used to own one. Except it was actually more capable.

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RE[2]: Comment by Thom_Holwerda
by Priest on Wed 20th Apr 2011 01:24 in reply to "RE: Comment by Thom_Holwerda"
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To be fair, how different does one black touch screen phone look from the next?

The speaker has to fit between the top of the screen and the edge of the frame so it needs to be a small rectangle.

Apple is squared and the Samsung has rounded corners.

Just because Apple was one of the first to start using touch screen phones does not mean they invented the idea.

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