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Google The revolution has begun! Web video will be freed from the shackles of the MPEG-LA and the dreaded claws of patents and incomprehensible licenses! Sorry, I got a little carried away there. Anywho, YouTube has announced all new videos uploaded to the site will be transcoded into WebM, and that the most important part of the site's catalogue is already available in WebM.
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by Neolander on Thu 21st Apr 2011 17:27 UTC in reply to "Comment by kurkosdr"
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Oh, and most graphics cards DON'T have hardware support for WebM, so the evil H.264 content served through the "hog" known as Flash Player (which is now hardware accelerated) will actually do better in terms of CPU usage...

Well, I've done some test, with latest Flash vs HTML5 on Firefox 4/Fedora 14 x86_64, using the 720p version of the following video :

The results are that CPU usage is aprox. the same when the video is at maximal size (full screen for flash, full tab for WebM). For some reasons (inefficient blitting probably), Flash eats up a lot more CPU when windowed vs in full screen (25% more).

So if we believe you when you say that Flash uses GPU acceleration whereas HTML5 <video> implementations do not use it (and I tend to believe it as full screen flash video was unbearably slow until 10.1 where they introduced some GPU-accelerated operations), this means that Flash can still be considered a resource hog, and in particular a major battery hog, as it turns on the power sink that a GPU is without using less CPU time at all.

If only I could monitor power usage to check that...

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