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Internet & Networking You know all that talk about net neutrality in the US? How for instance Verizon and Google want net neutrality to apply only to something they call the 'wired' internet, which is apparently somehow different from the 'mobile' internet? Well, while you Americans are only talking about it, us Dutch are once again way ahead of the curve: the largest of the three main carriers has announced its intention to start charging extra for services like VoIP, instant messaging, Facebook, and so on, with the other two carriers contemplating similar moves. The dark future of the web, right here in my glorified swamp.
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RE: Give the market a chance.
by _txf_ on Tue 26th Apr 2011 10:39 UTC in reply to "Give the market a chance."
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Isn't there a chance here that a company that doesn't do this will simply pick up all the pissed off customers or are they ALL in on it?

In a limited oligopoly situation such as this, it is even more likely that competitors will just match to the same type of plan. As the customer has nowhere else to go and the market has massive barriers to entry there is no risk in the other companies milking their customers dry either.

They are collude not illegally but still this passive collusion is detrimental to the consumer.

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