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Games Now that the Playstation Network is back online, the great downplaying by Sony has begun. Sony CEO Howard Stringer has been making the rounds in the media world, talking about the massive security fail, and in his eyes, it's not that big of a deal. He calls it a 'hiccup', something that happens to all large networks.
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by Alxe on Tue 17th May 2011 22:43 UTC
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There is where White hat Hackers come in, searching possible holes for a salary.

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RE: Whitehat - Hackers in general
by jabbotts on Wed 18th May 2011 17:39 in reply to "Whitehat"
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Hackers working for a salary; heck, Hackers simply given permission. Discovery and information sharing tends to be a primary interest of real Hackers which can often outweigh monetary motivations. A bug bounty certainly wouldn't hurt though.

With the majority of Hackers being ethical property respecting people, we don't even need to specify cheesy hat colors. Technically, the Hacking ends in the person's home lab when they discovery something new. Any criminal use of that knowledge is simply a repetition of the prior discovery. Repeating a method previously discovered by a Hacker doesn't make a criminal a Hacker anymore than taking an Aspirin makes one a Chemist or Pharmacist.

Not to take this threat off topic down a well trodden path; Sony, and many other organizations, could benefit significantly by tapping the natural resources of the Hacker community rather than vilifying and attacking it.

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