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Games Now that the Playstation Network is back online, the great downplaying by Sony has begun. Sony CEO Howard Stringer has been making the rounds in the media world, talking about the massive security fail, and in his eyes, it's not that big of a deal. He calls it a 'hiccup', something that happens to all large networks.
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In other news...
by poundsmack on Tue 17th May 2011 22:54 UTC
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"...Billy Johnson was hit my a meteor this week. The world health organization down played Billy's injury and came out today and stating that 'people have been around for many thousands of years without being seriously damaged/impaled by meteors, so clearly we were fairly secure against them..."

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RE: In other news...
by WereCatf on Tue 17th May 2011 23:39 in reply to "In other news..."
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"...and having your whole body burned to piece and brains splattered on the ground are clearly just minor hickups. We re-structured him with very advanced technology [present picture of a bobhead figure] and we can proudly say he's just as good and healthy as ever, if not even better."

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RE[2]: In other news...
by Darai on Wed 18th May 2011 01:03 in reply to "RE: In other news..."
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We can rebuild him. Stronger. Faster. Better.

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RE: In other news...
by Soulbender on Tue 17th May 2011 23:54 in reply to "In other news..."
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Although considering how much more common getting hacked is...
"I've never been in a car accident so I don't need to wear a seat-belt and I'm sure there will be plenty of time to prepare when the time comes. Smashing your head against the windshield is just a minor hiccup anyway."

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