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Syllable, AtheOS There's a new REBOL like programming language in town. It's called Red, it's BSD licensed and contrary to REBOL and Boron, Red is a compiled language. The Syllable project is proud to announce that Red programs now run on Syllable Desktop. Here is a screenshot from a demo program. Syllable is the third Red target platform, after Windows and Linux.
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This is great!
by obsidian on Sun 29th May 2011 21:45 UTC
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I've followed Rebol for quite a while (although I've only played around with it a bit). Good to see that there are open-source workalikes of it coming along now.

Rebol looks like the kind of language that could be reasonably straightforward to implement using a bootstrap approach. Define what a "word" is and build things up from there. It reminds me a bit of Forth (not that I've used that much either... )

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RE: This is great!
by Kaj-de-Vos on Sun 29th May 2011 22:16 in reply to "This is great! "
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Exactly. One of the inspirations for REBOL was Forth, and the REBOL 2 interpreter is a Forth-like engine. (REBOL 1 had a Scheme-like engine. REBOL 3 is probably somewhere inbetween.)

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