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Humor The German city of Hamburg will soon be getting one of the biggest Apple Stores in the world. Construction isn't complete yet, and a group of people calling themselves the '.WAV Collective' decided it was time for a practical joke. Posing as construction workers, they planted an interesting logo on the store's facade. In broad daylight. And they videotaped it.
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Apple is the new Microsoft. You could replace one with the other, and the end result is the same.

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Bill Shooter of Bul Member since:

In the same sense that a ferrari could be replaced by a canoe.

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You could. Ferrari's don't float very well, and the canoe won't catch fire and be cheaper to maintain. Besides, Ferrari's are overrated. They're bought by insecure geriatrics who have a desperate need for external validation. Koenigsegg cars are much cooler.

Since you missed the point, I'll restate it. Corporations are interchangeable; they are only separated by the logos the use. One corporation is not better then the other; they only pretend they are.

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