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Privacy, Security, Encryption Oh boy, what do we make of this? We haven't paid that much attention to the whole thing as of yet, but with a recent public statement on why they do what they do, I think it's about time to address this thing. Yes, Lulz Security, the hacking group (or whatever they are) that's been causing quite a bit of amok on the web lately.
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So, we're pretty much in agreement. You should hire hackers, as in the words original meaning, and not morons like LulzSec and Anonymous. Unfortunately there seems to be quite a number of IT execs who think hiring those kind of morons is the right thing to do for improving security. That's a problem
Computer Security is not black-magic arts that only whizkid geniuses understand, it's an engineering practice.
It's unfortunate that the word hacker has, in the mainstream media, come to mean the LulzSec kind of person and not the, say, Linus Torvarlds or Theo DeRaadt kind.

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RE[9]: Bah - Bingo.
by jabbotts on Mon 20th Jun 2011 00:54 in reply to "RE[8]: Bah - Hackers are not criminals"
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(would have saved me a lot of typing if this post appeared before I finished my last near short essay of a post)

But, bingo. I meant hackers in the proper sense of the word. Not the media sensationalized criminals and crackers or kids who waste skills with the antics of lulzsec. In those terms, we do agree.

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