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Windows Way back in old and boring January of this year, Microsoft announced they would be working together with the Windows Phone 7 homebrew community, with the goal of creating a stable, supported way for homebrew developers and people interested in homebrew applications to enable side-loading on their WP7 devices. Well, they took their sweet time, but the ChevronWP7 team (Rafael Rivera, Chris Walsh, and Long Zheng) and Microsoft have just announced the results.
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still a few steps to go
by marblesbot on Tue 21st Jun 2011 08:46 UTC
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I only use phones to make phone calls, so I shouldn't even care, but I am of the opinion that once you purchase ANY hardware, you can do whatever you want with it without fear of getting shutdown, bricked, or sued. This is possibly a step in the right direction, as long as the fee is small. Although, this fee should have some guarantee of some sort. As in if you ruin your phone by installing homebrew, Microsoft will take responsibility, if you pay the small fee. If you choose to not pay the fee, there should be no fear of consequences, but you install homebrew at your own risk. I don't know what any user agreement looks like when buying one of these phones, and I don't know what "apps" or "homebrew" for phones are, so maybe I am totally off here.

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