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Windows With Windows Phone 7 being a success among critics and probably the only mobile platform which tries to take at least baby steps away from the old WIMP/desktop paradigm, it's not entirely unsurprising that a lot of people are asking for Windows Phone 7 on tablets. However, Microsoft once again reiterated that WP7 is not meant for tablets, since they view tablets as PCs - hence, they will be running regular Windows.
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RE: I think Apple got it right.
by zima on Mon 18th Jul 2011 23:39 UTC in reply to "I think Apple got it right. "
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...faster processor (for compiling or audio/video editing), more memory, the battery life is a lesser issue. So, I just can't see how I can take a pad-like device, plug a keyboard and mouth into it and use for content-creation like a regular PC.

So, you can't get away with having a single device. ... but because of a hardware platform.

It's called dynamic frequency scaling, and can conveniently happen in the background when we temporarily don't care about portability / battery / when plugging the device into an outlet. You can even offload some processing on a local "router" or elsewhere...

Heck, just a few short years ago the PCs were no better, HW-wise, than present tablets; and we've done all things you "require" present PCs for. There's very clearly something like "fast enough" raw specs are not a clear indicator (witness how, contrary to pretty much all expectations in the style of "come on, when will UI paradigm start exploiting all that computing resources?!", the paradigm shift came in the form of notably less powerful devices)

Who knows with the screen... (for one, some cherished dekstops used ~10" ones not too long ago, it's a bit fluid; then we could see, say, built-in laser projectors ...solidifying the popularity of bright / white walls, I guess)

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