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Debian and its clones Debian announced that they are going to introduce multiarch support for Wheezy (7.0) in 2013. Well, nice, but aren't they a little bit late now that problems are mostly sorted out and systems moved to 64-bit? This would have been great news at the time when Lenny (5.0) was released, but does it even matter in 2013? Are they just going to make things more complicated for no reason?
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RE: Think of the possibilities.
by Elv13 on Wed 27th Jul 2011 00:32 UTC in reply to "Think of the possibilities. "
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You can't switch Arch while the program is running. The executable memory, data memory and stack are incompatible across architectures. The application itself is incompatible too, it have to be installed twice or use universal binary like hacks. What Debian do is what Gentoo and other did 8 years ago, having /lib32 and /lib64 and two set of ENVVARs. The LSB (Linux Standard Base) also support it since years, so there is nothing new there.

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Yeah, apparently you didn't understand the gist of my post. Obviously thats not what this is. My best ideas are at their core rube goldberg machines. Really cool to look at, but extreme overkill for a menial task.

But actually they are still talking about mixed instruction sets on the same machine as well, with one possibly running by emulation or what not. But hybrids still might make sense arm/x86 netbooks where you reboot into another ach for different power/performance levels. Still, if you could only get rid of the reboot , it would be even cooler.

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