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Debian and its clones Debian announced that they are going to introduce multiarch support for Wheezy (7.0) in 2013. Well, nice, but aren't they a little bit late now that problems are mostly sorted out and systems moved to 64-bit? This would have been great news at the time when Lenny (5.0) was released, but does it even matter in 2013? Are they just going to make things more complicated for no reason?
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How x86 specific is it?
by timl on Wed 27th Jul 2011 10:39 UTC
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I think it's indeed a bit late for the majority of x86 users -- although it might actually be a godsend for people with some legacy 32-bit applications.

But what I'm thinking of, is that the timeframe of having it ready by 2013 might be right on track for developments in the ARM world. The upcoming Cortex-A15 core already supports a 40-bit address space, but is still a 32-bit processor. I expect their Large Physical Address Extensions to be a hack not unlike Intel's PAE trickery on x86-32: acceptable to bridge the gap for a while, but not a viable long-term solution. So it seems not unreasonable to expect a true 64-bit ARM core in the not-too-distant future.

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