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Linux Linux on the desktop seems to be the perennial second class citizen, but with Adobe's upcoming 64 Bit Flash 11 beta, Linux is getting a seat at the adults' table. It's being released for Windows, Mac, and Linux simultaneously.
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by kaiwai on Sat 6th Aug 2011 23:56 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Comment by kaiwai"
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What really annoys me is that flash uses so much cpu on osx compared to windows or even linux (with vdpau). I'm not sure that this particular problem can be attributed to adobe though.

H264 videos on osx (the ones that VDA deems acceptable) all seem to use more cpu than DXVA or VDPAU.

For me Snow Leopard and 10.3 enabled me to play YouTube videos with around 5% CPU utilisation but in all honesty that was the only thing I used it for but I've since removed it and started using ClickToPlugin and ClickToFlash which pretty much allows me not to have Flash installed. I'd venture to argue that the problem with Flash is years of legacy and an unwillingness to do something about the underling problems with it - at the end of the day Lightspark ( has made great progress which tells me the underlying concept of Flash isn't the problem but the implementation. At the end of the day if a one man bad (with a few helpers) can produce a pretty good partial replacement for Flash then I expect a lot better from professional programmers whose bread and butter is programming and get paid for their craft.

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