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ReactOS "During his visit to the school, President Medvedev spoke with the school's students, including [ReactOS'] Marat Karatov. Marat made a short presentation of the latest build of ReactOS, including system boot up and running a few Windows-compatible applications. During conversation with the president, Marat said that the OS was ready approximately for 80% of real world usage and that roughly one million euros would be needed to complete its development within a year. 'This is an interesting project indeed', was President Medvedev's response."
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He needs to talking to the wrong people ;-)
by kragil on Mon 12th Sep 2011 21:53 UTC
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Putin would have been the right person. He is so rich 1 million is probably nothing he spends a lot of time thinking about.

Let's hope Dmitry tells Boris about it the next time he has to present his report, but I guess he will forget :-(

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Laurence Member since:

What exactly is "80% of real world usage"?

I've been following ReactOS for a few years now and love what the devs are doing, but it really didn't feel "80% complete" the last time I used it.

However for arguments sake: even if those arbitrary figures were accurate, the last few percentage of usability usually take the largest percentage of time to develop. So I really don't think 52 weeks is long enough to make this thing production ready.

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Form the article, it seemed as if a high schooler was the one who said it. I'm not bashing the youth, but they aren't the best at estimating project times or costs. Which in the case of Linux, was a very, very good thing ;)

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What!?!?!? Medvedev is a manager while Putin is a spy. Medvedev was the chairman of Gazprom, he has enough money in his account...

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The question is not "who was", but "who is"

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In Soviet Russia investors own you.

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So it's just like everywhere else?

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In Russia, system operates you.

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It's incredible to see that some one as important as Medvedev now knows about ReactOS, a hobby O.S. and it's incredible also to see what could be the consequences of a donation from a millionaire to such a project... A free win32 O.S. given away to the whole world...And legally :-)

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