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Windows Today, at Microsoft's BUILD conference in Anaheim, California, Microsoft unveiled the biggest overhaul of Windows since Windows 95. The venue was not coincidental; in the same city, in 1993, during the first Professional Developers Conference, Microsoft unveiled Windows 95 for the first time. Steven Sinofsky, supported by an army of Microsoft executives, demonstrated a whole boatload of things for Windows 8, and make no mistake, they had a lot to show. Two important notes: the Windows 8 Developer Preview will be free to download later today (no activation, will be updated regularly, and includes the new interface), and Win32 is the past.
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Then you can make a full screen wrapper for those apps, that just shows that app's windows. Popups are also a bit of an issue, but you can host them inside the same full screen canvas of the parent app.

I realize it might be a bit difficult, and has the possibility of breaking some things, but it allows you to use all of your apps within the same shell and with the same usage model. I'd actually find it to be pretty usable and conceptually consistent.

Alternatively, just entirely separate the legacy and the new. Make legacy it's own little Win7-like bubble, with it's own start menu where apps and settings affect only that environment.

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