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Windows After the walled garden coming to the desktop operating system world, we're currently witnessing another potential nail in the coffin of the relatively open world of desktop and laptop computing. Microsoft has revealed [.pptx] that as part of its Windows 8 logo program, OEMs must implement UEFI secure boot. This could potentially complicate the installation of other operating systems, like Windows 7, XP, and Linux.
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Am I the only one
by kurkosdr on Fri 23rd Sep 2011 20:43 UTC
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Am i the only one wishing right now that all evolution in the IT industry stopped, and no new equipment is produced anymore?

Mandatory secure boot, Cinavia, DRM in games that requires an always on internet connection, movies that can be “licensed“ through streaming services but not bought, plus whatever else the corps think of next.

The only hope is that there will be a major backlash by consumers and a turn towards open devices, like the turn to USB hardware media players that happened after Bluray players and the PS3 got infected with Cinavia. In plain english, users will be divided between the free world (users running open devices) and the enslaved world (users running locked devices). Trust me.

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