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Linux "Intel and Samsung are now confirmed to be working under the umbrella of the Linux Foundation, and with the cooperation of the Limo Foundation, on 'Tizen', a new mobile operating system based on Linux. Various rumours about the parties' future plans for MeeGo and merging of plans have been in circulation, but the announcement of a new operating system was unexpected. The Tizen operating system will combine components of MeeGo and Limo with an emphasis on supporting HTML5-based applications and WAC (Wholesale Applications Community) distribution and APIs. WAC is the product of a number of mobile companies who have developed a uniform platform for mobile widgets and applications based on W3C standards."
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RE: I think this will fail
by twitterfire on Fri 30th Sep 2011 23:53 UTC in reply to "I think this will fail"
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HTML as the only/main SDK is an error. I prefered Meego or even Openmoko.
I I donĀ“t trust Intel: they keep changing their mind without reaching an usable state.

Right now they are busy with their HTML apps, but I bet they will announce the death of Tizen and the start of a new OS in now more than 2 years from now.

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