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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless I generally try to steer clear from the silly and crazy rumour mill surrounding soon-to-be-expected-to-be-launched devices, but this one is kind of interesting. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the US carrier Sprint is pretty much betting the company on Apple's next iPhone, ordering a staggering 30.5 million of them. At the same time, BGR reports that the iPhone 5 will be exclusive to Sprint (in the US at least), as a WiMAX device.
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This is bullshit...
by apoclypse on Mon 3rd Oct 2011 23:29 UTC
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If Apple locks the iPhone to Sprint, I'm fucking done with them. I'm a hardcore iPhone user but this is not something I'm willing to deal with. I had high hopes that the iPhone was going to be the first successful phone I can buy unlocked and use with whatever carrier I wished. I was already looking to moving back to Sprint but them forcing me is just going to make me run the other way.

I'm tired of this carrier tying bullshit. Fucking Apple learned nothing from being tied to AT&T and having their phone's reputation marred by a shitty network, now they are locking it to an even shittier network. Fucking brilliant. This just soured my day. Even more so because I just lost my 3GS, this last week and I was looking forward the iPhone 5 to replace it. Right now I'm on my 1st Gen iPhone. Dammit I want to hit something. I so hope this isn't true.

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RE: This is bullshit...
by Jondice on Mon 3rd Oct 2011 23:55 in reply to "This is bullshit..."
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Don't worry, the iPhone 6 will be out soon I'm sure, and even shinier (well, kinda) ;) .

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RE: This is bullshit...
by jackeebleu on Tue 4th Oct 2011 00:43 in reply to "This is bullshit..."
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Your post is therapy if a phone, a fucking phone takes you through all that.

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RE: This is bullshit...
by Morgan on Tue 4th Oct 2011 03:53 in reply to "This is bullshit..."
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Or, instead of crying like a baby you could get the iPhone 5 (since you're going back to Sprint anyway), wait for a Jailbreak/Unlock and enjoy the best of both worlds.

Or, you could wake up and realize that Apple will do anything -- no matter how anti-consumer -- to pad their purse, and you could move on to another platform like Android, WP7, or even BlackBerry. Apple is a business, and one of the most profitable in the U.S.,and this is exactly what businesses do to remain so.

Or...well you get the picture.

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RE[2]: This is bullshit...
by apoclypse on Tue 4th Oct 2011 12:43 in reply to "RE: This is bullshit..."
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WTF are you talking about. I said I was THINKING of moving to Sprint not that I would. Unlike others I have had no issues with AT&T's service. I don't use the phone portion of the device all i care about is the data and in that respect AT&T delivers.

I have a right to be pissed. i don't give a shit if you don't like it, I wasn't asking for your fucking opinion. I was just airing out my frustration at loosing my 3GS, which is why I'm really pissed.

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RE: This is bullshit...
by mwkjunk on Tue 4th Oct 2011 19:36 in reply to "This is bullshit..."
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Even "shittier" network. LOLOLOLOLOL. I get almost 8-10mg down and 1.4-1.5mg up on Sprint 4G sitting inside my apartment in a hilly area of Los Angeles. I listen to my friends bitch and moan all the time about AT&Ts crappy network. 10 years with Sprint and no problems with service. Maybe you should give them a try a dude before throwing a fit.

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RE[2]: This is bullshit...
by Morgan on Wed 5th Oct 2011 05:11 in reply to "RE: This is bullshit..."
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Eh, the dude goes back and forth contradicting himself over and over. Maybe he should dump AT&T and Apple and go with Sprint to ease his frustrations. I know I'll end up there if the T-Mobile merger goes through.

I'm glad to hear so many people (online and real life friends) who have had good experiences with Sprint. Their coverage is just about as good as T-Mo where I live, and as long as they keep carrying good phones I'll definitely consider switching to them next March.

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