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General Development "Google has released an early version of Dart, a new programming language designed to take some of the pain out of developing applications for the Web. But while it's an evolutionary improvement on JavaScript, Dart faces a hard uphill battle for acceptance."
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It's not MIT/X11, read:

LGPL does not allow embedding in, say, a PS3 game. Engines that use mono (like Unity) purchase special commercial licenses.

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LGPL does not allow embedding in, say, a PS3 game.

What on earth are you talking about? LGPL does in general (unless static link exception) not allow static linking into a non GPL program, that's it.

So LGPL does allow embedding into a PS3 game, commercial software. What they write is:

Mono is available to be licensed commercially if the LGPL/GPL/X11 combination is not suitable for you. Xamarin offers commercial licensing options to redistribute Mono under non-LGPL terms. If your organization intends to redistribute software which embeds or bundles Mono, but is unable to comply with the terms of GNU LGPL v2, the Ultimate Edition may be right for you.

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You are forgetting two issues here.

1) Dynamic linking is usually not available on consoles/phones/etc.
2) Console developers explicitly forbid GPL licensed stuff into games (Nintendo).

So no, you can't use LGPL stuff there.

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