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Editorial We've all had the idea, even if we've never pursued it. We just know we could make money in the stock market, based on our tech knowledge. We live and breathe tech. Why not profit from it?
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Learn Investing.... if you
by kateline on Tue 8th Nov 2011 17:03 UTC
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All these negative comments about investing tell me it's time to Buy. Just like all the naively positive comments I read back in 2000 among techies told me then it was time to Sell.

Who do you think will handle your financial needs if you don't learn how to invest? Is your company gonna hand you a retirement package?

You're on your own these days. Better learn finances.

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RE: Learn Investing.... if you
by benali72 on Fri 11th Nov 2011 20:25 in reply to "Learn Investing.... if you"
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Agreed. I see "the crowd" here posting very against tech stocks. That can only mean it's time to buy. I like HP. They can't get any more messed up than they are right now and their stock is the lowest in a long while. Good buy.

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