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Microsoft OSNews writing about social networks? Yes, it happens, and today is one of those days. We all know Facebook is king here, with a massive userbase and a seemingly unbreakable hold over the market, with Twitter covering the more public side of social networking. Google does some stuff in a fringe somewhere with something called Google+ which tries to combine Facebook and Twitter, but it's effectively a ghost town with a confusing interface. So, if you're Microsoft, what are you going to do? Well, build your own social network, of course!
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I wish Diaspora were ready ..
by kragil on Wed 16th Nov 2011 00:42 UTC
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.. but as long as it isn't G+ is my kind of ghost town. All the famous tech people I know are on G+ and they actually respond.
Sure very few of my RL friends are on G+ and doing anything but I mostly want to follow a few people and for me G+ is way better than facebook for that. So if I had to decide I would probably dump facebook.

If I had a wish I would force everyone to use something standard and distributed with strong encrytion (more like Diaspora)

Yeah and socl will fail even more than ping. 100%

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