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General Development Fatal Exception's Neil McAllister gets into the holiday spirit with a post that gives thanks to technical advances for developers, including open source tools, modern IDEs, and distributed version control. 'I'm old enough to remember when performance-critical routines meant hand-coded assembly language and sometimes even keying in machine code as hexadecimal digits. We've come a long way since those bad old days, and not surprisingly we owe a lot of our progress to technology. So for this Thanksgiving, here are just a few of the modern advances for which I, as a developer, give thanks.' What are you giving thanks to?
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RE[2]: Comment by diegoviola
by Neolander on Mon 28th Nov 2011 21:29 UTC in reply to "RE: Comment by diegoviola"
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RMS thinks paedophillia can be consensual, and incest is okay ...

I'm not an RMS fanatic, but I think that you should be careful : if you keep those in their full generality (ie don't specifically consider stuff such as child abuse and trans-generation incest), they are not the kind of extremely simple matters that you can handwave away with a "look, he's wrong !", like you can rather easily with his rampant paranoia and semi-crazy views on proprietary software...

As an example, in French law, you can be accused of pedophilia by the parents of the person you're dating if there is an age difference as low as 3 years between you both (in case you are 18 and he/she is 15). This is not so large if you look at your everyday couple on the street, where age differences >= 5 years are common. As for incest between consenting adults, try to ask a random population out of everywhere in this world about what is the exact boundary of incest (cousins, etc...), and you will likely get very mixed results...

It's not as much of a mindf--k for philosophers as euthanasia and gene patents, but it's not a case on which your views are incontestably shared by everyone either.

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