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Windows Valid Windows NTFS folder names, rogue antivirus products, dual-boot Windows 7/Windows XP systems - find out how much you really know about everyone's favorite whipping post OS by taking the Windows IQ Test.
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RE[2]: umm
by Gone fishing on Mon 5th Dec 2011 19:09 UTC in reply to "RE: umm"
Gone fishing
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5 out of 20 here too. That's what I get for being a Linux (or, as some would say, GNU/Linux) user for the past decade.

But who gives a flying f*ck Who wrote Windows Solitaire or Where did the Windows XP default wallpaper come from or most of the other questions.

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RE[3]: umm
by Morgan on Tue 6th Dec 2011 12:05 in reply to "RE[2]: umm"
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I scored an 18 out of 20 not so much for my deep knowledge of Microsoft OSes (hint: It's not as deep as it should be given my years as a Wintel user). Rather it was due to my uncanny knack for remembering useless information I might have read ten years ago. Internet questionnaires tend to bring such trivia bubbling to the surface.

Granted, more than a few of my correct answers came from personal experience; I remember well when System Restore was a big deal in WinME both for its promises and its failures. I've also personally experienced the dual-boot bug that wipes restore points. Others were guesses and I was purely lucky, like the Notepad .LOG question (it seemed logical) and Windows Live Messenger Companion. Still others had nothing to do with Microsoft and Windows but are common knowledge in the geek world, i.e. Ctrl-Alt-Delete and cut/copy/paste.

And the two I missed? The number of Windows 7 versions; I couldn't care less as I was only really interested in Ultimate. The other was the "system.filename" question. If I had ever had occasion to use it, I'm sure I would remember it. Then again it's quite arcane.

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