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Linux Without corporate backing or advertising, Puppy Linux has become one of the world's ten most popular Linux distributions. In the past few months Puppy has whelped a litter of like systems, each with its own unique DNA. This article summarizes Puppy and then describes the new brood.
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RE[5]: Say what?
by ozonehole on Sat 17th Dec 2011 05:57 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Say what?"
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Yeah, configuring grub 2 is a horrible mess. Who's brilliant idea was it that the config directory should contain 1000's of files?
grub2 has one nice feature though, the rescue prompt. When grub1 fails to load you're left up shits creek without a paddle while in grub2 you get the rescue prompt and can actually remedy the situation and manage to boot.

That's a good point. Although GRUB is very reliable, it's possible to break it if you fool around (with root privileges). With GRUB legacy, if things get buggered, you might need a rescue disk. Well, that's actually one of the things I still use Puppy for (a rescue disk).

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