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Windows "Of all the ways you might have imagined Microsoft screwing up, 'making something fantastic' is probably last on the list. As every business student will tell you, the first and most important step to success is making a quality product. Yet, Microsoft seem to have found themselves in the very strange situation of making something very good - their mobile platform, Windows Phone - and actually doing worse than before. Even more confusing, however, is that it might be Microsoft's commitment to finally get it right this time that has hurt them. And somewhere in this mess, there are a number of lessons for some very new challenges to businesses."
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RE: Comment by Flatland_Spider
by aaronmcohen on Wed 4th Jan 2012 04:11 UTC in reply to "Comment by Flatland_Spider"
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Before MS performs a full "Apple" they need to answer the question. Do we need another Apple? Right now they are trying to be another Android? Right now what the world needs is what Nokia provides. A really cheap feature phone that does banking, communication, and phone.

Think how many innovative form factors they could utilize if they did not try to be everything to everyone. They could truly differentiate themselves in the market.

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Do we need another Apple? Right now they are trying to be another Android?

We need a better Apple.

Android has taken Microsoft's traditional position in the marketplace.

MS isn't going to give the OEMs the same leeway Google does. MS needs to understand if they are going to compete, they need to vertically integrate the hardware and the OS in the way they do with the Xbox. MS can either let the OEMs do as they will with WinPhone7, or they can go vertical. They're not going to have it both ways, and if they try to play the middle, they're going to find themselves in the exact situation they're in now.

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