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Internet & Networking So, this one slipped by completely undetected late last year (no, I don't grow tired of saying that). CNet reported that Google, Amazon, Facebook, and similarly large, anti-SOPA companies are mulling over the option of taking their websites off the air to replace them with an anti-SOPA message, asking users to contact their elected officials.
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I agree. Join the fight, because many hands make light work.
This is a trenchwar, get in the trenches already.

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If I am not mistaken, Thom is citizen of the Netherlands, which would make him, from point of view of US legislation and legislators a non-citizen (i.e. for every practical purpose a somewhat taller talking biped insect). In other words, I doubt he has any means of joining the fight with SOPA (unlike ACTA) except for reporting on it raising public awareness (which he seems to do quite well).

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Yet, it still great affects everyone on the Internet. Websites like osnews can be taken down with a simple order from the US DOJ if SOPA passes.

As an american, I've been trying to get the word out on social media, emailed my representatives, pulled most of my business from GoDaddy, etc.

The problem is that many americans don't get what the big deal is with SOPA. They haven't bothered to read anything on it. I'm just not sure how to motivate people to write their congressmen.

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OSNews is actually an American operation, Thom's well-known Dutchness notwithstanding, and if Google and Facebook go dark, so will OSNews. Maybe it will be like saying you were at Woodstock or there on the day the Berlin Wall went down.

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I believe OSnews is hosted in the US and many members of the team are American, which kind of makes this point moot.

EDIT : Whoops... David beat me there !

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