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Hardware, Embedded Systems The news I've seen coming out of the Consumer Electronics Show this year isn't particularly breathtaking or awe-inspiring. Phones, tablets, faster, thinner, yes, yes, we've all been here before. There is one piece of news, however, that stands out from the crowd. The best-selling TV maker in the US, Vizio, is entering the PC market. Stunning designs for both laptop and all-in-one - and buried deep within the press release lies the creamy nougaty centre that makes me want to buy one even more: a Windows 7 install optimised by Microsoft, free of crapware.
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Stylish, but...
by MechR on Tue 10th Jan 2012 11:16 UTC
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Needs more Home/Page-up/Page-down/End.

Other than that, aren't flat closely-spaced keys more prone to mistyping? ISTR that being a complaint about previous-gen Acer keyboards.

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RE: Stylish, but...
by Neolander on Tue 10th Jan 2012 15:12 in reply to "Stylish, but..."
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Well, it's kind of a compromise : large flat keys are more comfortable to type on than macbook-like "Chiclet" keys, especially if you have big fingers, but they do cause more mistyping (especially on small keys such as the Fxx).

Ideally, laptops would have some kind of telescopic keyboard that has both wide and well-separated keys ! ;)

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