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Gnome "One of the things that the GNOME design crew have been focusing on recently is creating a new approach to application design for GNOME 3. We want GNOME applications to be thoroughly modern, and we want them to be attractive and a delight to use. That means that we have to do application design differently to how we've done it in the past."
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RE[3]: Wtf?
by sj87 on Mon 13th Feb 2012 20:07 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Wtf?"
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So you want this instead?

It's not about the amount of empty space in the UI, nor is it about the amount of controls in the UI. It's about having the functionality one needs at hand in an interface that is intuitive and fast to use.

I am a Qt programmer and yet I have ditched KDE in favour of Gnome 3. I've been there eversince the first release and all the time it just gets better and better. Still I have hated Rhythmbox for years for being so bloated in the UI. The new mockup of Gnome music player is much better albeit only showing a single very restricted view instead of the "collection view".

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RE[4]: Wtf?
by ndrw on Tue 14th Feb 2012 03:17 in reply to "RE[3]: Wtf?"
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I'm not an airplane pilot so I don't need that many controls and displays.

But I want my system to provide me all the vital information and knobs as readily as the airplane "UI" does. Not (much) more and (definitely) not less. Btw, "readily" means here "visible on the screen at all times and accessible with minimum effort".

Perhaps the confusion of Gnome3 designers arrived from a deep misunderstanding of what these "vital" tasks are. They are assuming we are all reading facebook or are dancing to the music. That's perhaps true for iP*d users but it simply isn't the case for PC users (surprise: we sometimes use PCs for work).

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RE[5]: Wtf?
by zima on Sun 19th Feb 2012 23:59 in reply to "RE[4]: Wtf?"
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Btw, "readily" means here "visible on the screen at all times and accessible with minimum effort".

BTW that's NOT what airplane UIs tend to be nowadays (not the first part of it, "visible [...] at all times" - it works against presenting what is actually vital in given situation), with glass cockpits and multifunction displays.
And it's an improvement.

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