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Multimedia, AV On my mark... Get set... Start not caring! Adobe has announced it plans to discontinue the stand-alone Flash Player for Linux, instead focussing all its effort on the version available through the Pepper API - which, besides Chrome, no one else is going to support.
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RE[5]: Pepper for Firefox
by lemur2 on Thu 23rd Feb 2012 22:16 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Pepper for Firefox"
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Don't be surprised if Dart ends up in Safari soon - end of the day Firefox is a dead horse than needs to be taken out and turned into dog food. For over 10 years I've seen Firefox developers neglect the Mac platform so quite frankly long term dimise of Firefox doesn't fill me with any grief. When arrogant programmers refuse to acknowledge that their product leaks memory like a sieve then again I have no sympathy for them. For me it seems as though Mozilla programmers and their supporters are butt hurt because they've been left out of the party - and sorry, I have no sympathy for them either.

Excuse me? Really, WTF are you on?

Firefox is not only the best-performing major browser of all current versions, it also happens to be the browser that uses the least amount of memory.,3037-14.h...

This has been the case since Firefox 7,3037-17.h...

Where have you been?

It must be very disappointing when the actual facts get in the way of a good rant, isn't it?

PS: Apparently this has recently shifted, as shown in the latest browser Grand Prix 9,312...

Overall, Chrome has caught up again, and it currently beats Firefox on Linux but not on Windows, so that there are two champions now:,312...

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RE[6]: Pepper for Firefox
by lucas_maximus on Sun 26th Feb 2012 19:26 in reply to "RE[5]: Pepper for Firefox"
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Nobody cares how much memory their browser uses anymore or page load benchmarks, When most machines from the shop have more than 3GB. These are simply mental masturbation material for each browser's fanbois.

FireFox is increasingly buggy. Especially if you are using Firebug, it also still has the infamous Memory Leak and I am running FireFox 10.

Not that either of these bother me that much, what really knarks me about FireFox is that it can't even fetch a page reliably these days and has lost it place as my development browser to Chrome (unfortunately though their JavaScript inspector is better).

My Development issues with it aside ... there isn't a huge amount of difference between the browsers any more to make it worth being evangelical about. The only good reason to choose a browser is because of the features that it has.

You can brag about benchmarks all you like, but when there is a dual core processor in most people's machines these days page load times are going to be in milliseconds.

Load times is more about latency these days than bandwidth or browser speed, and I seen better performance improvements by just moving script tags to the bottom of the page than any other technique (including using a "faster" browser).

Browser benchmarks are pretty much mental masturbation for fanbois.

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