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Hardware, Embedded Systems This morning, I experienced the nerd equivalent of a Black Friday $50 iPad sale. At 07:00 CET, the first batch of the much-anticipated Raspberry Pi went on sale, and while Raspberry Pi itself was very properly prepared, the two large international retailers actually selling the device weren't - despite warnings from Raspberry Pi about the enormous amount of traffic that would come their way, the two sites crumbled to dust within seconds. There's good news too - the cheaper model A has seen its RAM doubled at no additional cost.
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RE[7]: Only for companies?
by Thom_Holwerda on Wed 29th Feb 2012 15:36 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: Only for companies?"
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£21.65 is actually US$34.51 at today's current exchange rate, so something odd is going on somewhere. However, $35 is £21.94 and if you add 20% to £21.94 you yet $26.34 which is as near as damn it $42. You either got charged VAT, or a 20% mark-up.

It turns out Farnell included shipping IN the price.

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RE[8]: Only for companies?
by henderson101 on Wed 29th Feb 2012 16:00 in reply to "RE[7]: Only for companies?"
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Hahaha!! And the shipping is 20%? Crazy! I didn't get as far as the order page, but what was the final price you paid Thom? Was it marked up? Fumbled <- I believe that is the correct US term? Right?

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RE[9]: Only for companies?
by Morgan on Wed 29th Feb 2012 20:16 in reply to "RE[8]: Only for companies?"
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Maybe FUBAR'd? (Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition, a US Military colloquialism)

I just got an email saying mine was estimated to arrive on my doorstep on April 23rd. I'm not sure if that means I got a first batch unit and being in the U.S. makes it take so long to ship, or if that's a projected date based on a future batch schedule. Either way, I'm ecstatic to be getting one at all!

Also, if Thom is correct that is not really a bad shipping price from where I stand. I expected to pay closer to $50 altogether.

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