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Hardware, Embedded Systems Current computers use SATA disk drives. Pentium IV's and earlier computers used the IDE drive standards. How can you intermix SATA and IDE disk drives? This article discusses the options. It is the next in my series of articles on computer refurbishing.
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Comment by DOSguy
by DOSguy on Thu 1st Mar 2012 13:57 UTC
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SATA became popular with the introduction of dual core computers five or six years ago. SATA stands for Serial Advanced Technology Attachment

Hmm, that isn't entirely accurate. SATA predates consumer dual core processors by several years, and would have become 'popular' with or without the dual core processor.
I wouldn't use popular to describe the adoption rate of SATA either, because SATA is simply the successor to PATA, and after chipmakers decided to implement the standard ( before dual core procs ) and phase out PATA eventually, other device makers like motherboard and harddisk manufacturers had to adopt or die.

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